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Working with Spirit

Within the Glade Foundation we have an amazing resource and are privileged to have as colleagues Jon Freeman and Elaine Coker who are both genuine Deep Trance Mediums, and we have many more developing to the same level.

At the Glade Foundation we teach and train mediums to work in the light with their guides.

There are many who claim to be mediums and many who are mediums channelling spirit. But it is our contention that it is not just the ability that is important, but who is being channelled.

Having a radio set is a wonderful gift, but if all you can pick up are children’s programs you will soon tire of the chatter.

Our mediums work with Tutor Guides and Ascended Masters of the light. These are beings who freely pass on their knowledge and wisdom.

Within the Glade Foundation there is no requirement to pay more for greater knowledge. There is no need to buy robes or symbols for we are not a pyramid religion or any kind of religion or cult. The knowledge we have been gifted with is shared with all who seek it.

We cannot teach everyone to be a medium for it is a gift and the giving of the gift is in the hands of the Supreme Being. What we can do is to develop the gifts that have been given, be it for healing and or for mediumship.

If you feel that you have the potential to develop your abilities then please talk to us, for there is no cost and no commitment necessary, and our tutors would be happy to assess you and suggest the way forward for you.

Additionally if you wish a personal consultation with one of our mediums or with Spirit directly this too can be arranged.