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The Glade


The Glade Foundation from its earliest beginnings, has sought  to enhance and develop  psychic gifts safely and naturally. We have the facility to take our students via meditation on inner journeys of discovery that bring out and enhance those gifts that are latent. And we can take our students on out of the body experiences to the realms of Spirit

Our meditation journeys are guided and led by either Deep Trance mediums or senior teachers and they build into a library of knowledge  and experience that is unique and unparalleled. As you travel you will see and experience the hidden realms  without the use of drugs or mind enhancement and in a completely safe way.

 As the world has changed from needing halls and holding in person meetings we have moved to using zoom conferencing  and have found that we can using this method reach even further audiences.
To find out more please use the contact us form  and take the first steps on an exciting journey of development