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The Glade


The Glade Foundation has a long and successful history of giving what was termed absent healing. But from its early days of simply writing a name in a book and sending thoughts of love and healing. This has developed into a highly effective and important part of our healing work. Using zoom conferencing we link a host of healers who can be based in many countries  and we combine them into a potent healing force. Led usually by a trance medium  or one of our senior teachers the healing produced in these sessions has had remarkable lasting measurable results that have astounded.
We do not charge for our healing, it is given freely to any who ask. All we require is permission from the patient to give the healing. Belief is not required, prayer is not required.  We do not seek to replace medicine, doctors or hospitals and will never tell you to stop or alter your medical advice. We work alongside existing medicine and with the bodies own immune system.
If you or someone you know would like healing please use the contact us form to let us know  Or if you wish to get involved and find out if you can be a healer or develop a gift you already have again contact us