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Below members are happy that they are part of a team that includes an army of mediums, healers, teachers, and people with a wealth of experience and abilities, who are willing to help anyone who needs it and determined to promote the Glade Foundation and its beliefs to as many people as possible.

Ray Taylor

Chairman & Founder

Retired from a career in International Investment Management in a top merchant bank in the City of London. He served the Spiritualist churches as a medium for many years but is now devoted to teaching and training other mediums and healers.

Jonathan Freeman


Retired from running a large guest house with his wife Cherry.

He is an internationally renowned deep trance medium through whom the spirit tutors of the Glade Foundation are able to offer new knowledge to this world, and give advice to the members of the Glade Foundation. He is an accomplished medium in his own right and has been able to help so many people through his spiritual readings.

Chris Bruin


Retired business man with a wealth of experience in dealing with people from all levels of life. He is an accomplished medium and with his wife Trisha has run a Spiritualist Church and many psychic/spiritual development groups. He is still running development groups and additionally is in charge of the natural, spiritual healer training within the Glade Foundation.

Alan Cosgrove


Alan Cosgrove Focuses on developing his IT and Programming skills. Alan has been part of forming The Glade Foundation, where he’s helped in setting out the benchmarks on how it should be run and producing all the documentation on running the organisation.

Sue Patmore

Healer & Medium

A Medium and Healer for many years and is Secretary of the Glade Foundation. Sue is retired from being a personal assistant and secretary and now devotes her time as Secretary to The Glade Foundation transcribing the lectures given to it by spirit as part of her work.