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The Glade Foundation, a Unique Spiritual Healing and Teaching Institute

Whose purpose is to train and develop the teachers so they can set up their own teaching and healing groups throughout the world

If pain is getting you down, or you are fed up of waiting for a diagnosis, the Glade Foundation’s Unique Spirit Healers may be able to help you.

Healing is natural and comes from the Supreme Being. It doesn’t matter if you call this the God or Goddess, Great Mind, or the Source of Goodness, the light is within us, all around us, and we teach our gifted healers how to channel and use their gifts for the benefit of all.

If you would like healing please call 07707220378 for an appointment


Have you ever asked?

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do good people suffer whilst those of an evil disposition thrive?
Why am I living a life of pain and suffering?
Why am I here, where did I come from?

The Glade Foundation is fortunate to have access to Deep Trance mediums and through direct access to the teachings and knowledge that spirit provide, we are able to answer some of the eternal questions.


Everyone is welcome within the Glade Foundation. If you are interested in becoming a Glade Foundation Healer or Spiritual Teacher then please use the links above to view the courses we provide.

We also run regular Meditation and Development classes. Contact Us now to see how we can help you.



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