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A Glade Spirit Healer believes that their actions in the process of Healing are inspired from outside their own consciousness. Not only is the power they are transmitting outside of themselves, but their actions are directed by intelligences other than their own.

We are a Spirit living in a physical body and our Spirit has its own energy field. If our physical body is malfunctioning it will affect the balance and harmony that should exist between the physical body and our Spiritual self – we become dis-spirited.

One of the effects of Glade Spirit Healing is to re-energise our Spiritual self, which will bring into harmony mind, body and spirit which in turn will assist the physical self back into full health. It does not replace prescribed medication.


All of us have the potential to become Glade Spirit Healers. Healing is not the prerogative of any one person, or race or religion. But the important word is ‘potential’, for it is this potential that needs to be developed.

Through the Glade Foundation’s training, Healers and probationer Healers can become effective channels for the healing energies.

Spiritual or Natural Healing is a gift given by the Great Mind. For those who have clairvoyant vision, the ability to be a Spiritual Healer can be seen as a small coloured light that sits in the aura around the head region. When it is pale in colour it shows that the gift is there, in potential. When the colour is strong and vibrating, you know that it is a working light – that this person is a practising Spiritual Healer.

The colour of this light will depend upon various factors that include the age and evolvement of the spirit that is living that particular life. The older and more evolved you are, the stronger the channel you are, and the stronger the healing energies that can be transmitted through you. Other factors are whether in this life, you have any other intuitive abilities, such as clairvoyance, for this might give you the potential to become a diagnostic healer.

This gift does not make the person possessing it more special than anyone else. It just means they have this gift during this life, which is but one life of many lives.

For those unable to see the Aura, there are other indications that the gift is present. For example, if you are present when Spiritual Healing is being administered, your hands may tingle or get warm, or you may start getting very warm all over. If that happens, then undoubtedly the gift is present.

On completion of the course which includes an assessment by two Glade assessors you will be given a certificate showing that you are a Glade Certified Healer.

If you are interested in knowing more or wish to develop this gift then please contact us through our contact page.

However, that need not be the end of training for it is possible to continue development to become a Glade Unique Spirit Healer. This involves the understanding of new energies that have been given to the world through the Glade Foundation and to learn the techniques on how to administer these new energies.

The Glade Foundation is fortunate to have deep trance mediums and it is through these mediums that initially these new energies are being made available and that can work on a multitude of illnesses and diseases. The tutor spirits that work through the mediums are able to scan our bodies at atomic level and check our DNA and restore it to its correct form if errors have occurred through illnesses etc. Also they can talk directly with the patients and explain what is taking place. It is by working with such spirits that Glade Certified Healers can become Glade Unique Spirit Healers.

A further aspect of healing available through the Glade Foundation is Mind Healing. This can be very effective in helping people with addictions and phobias such as overeating, unable to give up smoking, alcoholism etc. It is not hypnotherapy which can also be effective in certain situations. It is essential that if you remove something, that it be replaced with an alternative. It may require a couple of attempts before success is achieved.

It must be stressed that the Glade Foundation never state that they can cure a particular illness and never interfere with the treatment offered through the NHS.

If the problem is of a paranormal nature you will be referred to our sister organisation