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About Us

The Glade Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1114534) is a spiritual teaching/healing Institute that is open to all, irrespective of a person’s faith or religious beliefs.

The teachings come directly from Spirit through the deep trance mediumship of internationally renowned Jonathan Freeman.

It is fundamental to the Glade Foundation that there is a God (from which all healing energies come), but not the God that has been made in the image of man with all man’s faults and frailties.

Mission Statement

 Irrespective of whatever gifts a person has or the strength of those gifts it is the fundamental rule of the Foundation that no person is more important than any other. Without exception everyone will use their gifts for the benefit of others, and teamwork is the watchword.

 The objective is to train people to become teachers and healers through a combination of three main methods: 

  1. The development of any psychic or natural intuitive abilities whilst ensuring that spiritual awareness and behaviour accompanies such development, for it to be otherwise is unwise,
  2. Using controlled visualisation meditation, the ability to project the person’s mind out of body will be developed. This will be accomplished by visits to the realms from which we have all come and will have the advantage for discovering how ‘Home’ is highly structured and organised. A further benefit is that the person will discover and identify with their own spirit.
  3. To gain knowledge of energies which spirit use, but also those contained within this world. Once this knowledge has been acquired how to use such energies for the benefit of all mankind.